Designing Your Wall Space with Little Fockers Wall Prints

The Little Fockers is the third installment in the Robert de Niro and Ben Stiller starrer. This box-office hit film’s movie poster is a fun decorative wall print that can adorn your home. Yes, with a creative mindset and some design inspirations, it’s now easier to put up movie posters as wall decors without turning your wall space into a college dorm wall.

Discover some tips on how to design your wall space with movie posters and other funky and cool wall prints:

Make a statement with a gallery wall

If you’re an avid movie buff, you wouldn’t own just one or two movie posters. To fully showcase your collection, a gallery wall of your best movie posters should be a surefire design coup. Select which pieces should go into your wall space, scale it, and then pick your style. There are several ways to set up a gallery wall. If you’re the creative type, mix and match movie posters with other wall print designs. If you aim for the classic styling, space out movie posters evenly. Before actually putting up the movie posters, make sure you do a mock trial to leave minimal room for errors.

To frame or not to frame

While framing a movie poster can be the easiest way to hang it up and one that turns your poster into a work of art, there are far creative alternatives. Frames, especially for large-sized movie posters can be quite expensive too.  Other options that can be DIY projects include using pants hangers, binder clips, and even decorative moldings.

Lean that movie poster

Another ingenious way to design a wall space is to put up a long wall ledge and lean your movie posters in it. Add a few knick-knacks and other wall decors, and you’ve got a visually appealing wall. For the posters to lean on the wall perfectly, using a blank canvas or a foam board does the trick.

Beyond college dorm rooms, movie posters have become a décor staple in homes. There are a whole lot of creative ideas that can be used when designing your wall space with these wall prints. Whether you’re hanging these wall prints for living room, the bedroom, or the entertainment room, always ensure that you have the highest quality poster material to enhance the aesthetics of your design!