Little Fockers Casino Video Slot

Would Little Fockers Movie Make a Great Online Slot?

We’ve seen quite a few popular movie franchises turned into casino slots over the past few years. A number of popular titles have experienced a revival of sorts on slot reels and, for the most part, these attempts have been quite successful.

In general, the gambling industry seems to be keener on taking on action or horror movies because they provide them with more material to work with and make it easier to create a suspenseful and entertaining game. However, perhaps it is time for game makers to turn a bit more towards the comedy genre and the 2010 Little Fockers movie would be a great place to start.

Reviving the Fockers

The Little Fockers movie was released in 2010, staring Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro, and Teri Polo. It is a family comedy about Jack Byrnes, a family patriarch played by De Niro, looking for a successor and Greg Focker (Stiller), his son-in-law, trying to meet his often impossible expectations.

As it usually happens, the tension between the two creates a number of funny situations and arguments but slowly bringing the two closer together. Of course, other characters, such as Pam (Greg’s wife and Jack’s daughter) and Greg’s kids are often innocent „victims“ of these conflicts.

Little Fockers is a movie that abounds in action and memorable laughing moments, all of which create an excellent foundation for a video slot. Although it may not be the action of the type we’re used to seeing, with cars racing and guns blazing, the movie features plenty of dynamics that would translate great onto the reels.

It would definitely be a sort of game that would appeal to a certain type of the audience, in particular those of us who can still remember almost crying with laughter while watching Little Fockers. With a few well-placed cut scenes and bonus features to match the theme, a Little Fockers casino slot could be a great success.

Rizk Casino

No Rizk, No Reward

There are a few companies out there that could take on the development of the Little Fockers slot, such as NetEnt, Microgaming, or even Play’n GO, and all of them would probably do a great job with it. However, finding the right casino to promote the game is probably equally as important as developing an entertaining slot.

For this particular title, Rizk Casino would probably make a great choice. Their relaxed and entertaining theme with Captain Rizk running things, make it a perfect choice for a comedy-themed slot. After all, there are some similarities that can be drawn between the Captain and Mr. Jack Byrnes so the game would fit right in.

Rizk Casino has been around for a few years and it is definitely one of the sites worth checking even without the Little Fockers slot. If you haven’t had an opportunity to play here before, you can find an extensive review of Rizk Casino at A great selection of games, rewarding and engaging loyalty program, and dedicated customer support are just some of the things that make Rizk an excellent choice for your online gambling adventures – with or without Little Fockers.

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